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Registration Guideline

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Registration Guideline

Registration Fees

Payment of fees must accompany all registration forms. Your registration WILL NOT be confirmed until payment is received in full.

Category Early-bird Rate Regular Rate
Before Sept.16, 2024 (AOE) After Sept.17, 2024 (AOE)
Regular Author (常规作者注册) 450USD/3200CNY 550USD/3900CNY
IEEE Member Author (IEEE会员作者) 400USD/2800CNY 500USD/3500CNY
IEEE Life Member Author (IEEE终身会员作者) 300USD/2100CNY 400USD/2800CNY
Committee Member Author (组委会成员作者) 350USD/2500CNY 450USD/3200CNY
Student Author (学生作者注册) 350USD/2500CNY 450USD/3200CNY
IEEE Student Member Author (IEEE学生会员作者) 300USD/2100CNY 400USD/2800CNY
Delegate (听众注册) 285USD/2000CNY 330USD/2300CNY
Additional Banquet Ticket (额外晚宴券) 70USD/500CNY 70USD/500CNY
Additional Page (超页费) 50USD/350CNY 50USD/350CNY
Additional Paper ( (额外文章注册)) 285USD/2000CNY 285USD/2000CNY

Important Notice

1. For each accepted conference paper, at least one of the authors must finish the registration before 15 September, 2024.

2. One regular registration covers the paper within FIVE Pages including all figures, tables, and references. If the paper exceeds 5 pages, extra pages should be paid at CNY 350 / USD 50 per page.

3. When an author has more than one paper accepted for IEECSC, he/she has the option to register the second paper at the cost of an "additional paper." However, it is important to note that both papers must have the same first author and only one author is allowed to attend the conference.

4. Full-time students (graduate and undergraduate) are required to present valid student identification when they pick up their registration materials. Postdoctoral Fellow cannot register as a student.

5. Papers not registered will not be included in the conference proceedings. Double check your paper ID and paper title to make sure that they are the same as shown on the acceptance letter when filling out the registration form.

6. Full registrations include all access to conference events and lunches, coffee breaks, banquet.

7. Receipt (international receipt or VAT invoice) will be sent to you after the registration.

Cancellation Policy

1. The IEECSC cannot refund or pay any compensation where could not attend the conference is prevented by reason of circumstances which amount to “personal reason”. Such as travel difficulties, visa problems, health issues, financial default etc.

2. Any change or cancellation requests must be officially submitted in writing to before 01 November, 2024(AoE).

For cancellations received by 08 October, 2024(AoE), the paid amount will be fully refunded.

For cancellations received from 09 October 2024 (AoE) to 31 October 2024 (AoE), the paid amount will be refunded with a deduction of 50%.

No refund will be processed for cancellations received after Nov. 1, 2024(AoE).

Force Majeure

The IEECSC cannot accept responsibility, refund or pay any compensation where the performance of the conference is prevented or affected by reason of circumstances which amount to “force majeure”.

Circumstances amounting to “force majeure” include any event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such circumstances include the fire, flood, explosion, storm or other weather damage, break-in, criminal damage, riots or civil strife, industrial action, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, war or threat of war, actual or threatened terrorist activity, epidemic and all similar situations beyond our control.

No Show

In the event of no-show, the participant will, in all cases, be required to pay 100% of the value (including VAT).